A new way of creating websites with Figma and Elementor

Vector2Web will instantly convert your Figma pages into fully fledged and functioning Elementor pages. Though further tweaking is required the amount of time you save will make you love Vector2Web.

A Figma to Elementor converter

No more spending all your time on the most boring tasks, since you can now skip thousands of clicks and save dozens of hours to get to the creative part of your project and deliver faster results.

Available now

For Vector2Web to work both the WordPress plugin and a subscription to the Vector2Web API are required

What does Vector2Web do

Create Pages

Create all the Elementor pages instantly with a layout faithful to the Figma file.

Download images

Fetches all the images from the Figma file and adds them to the wordpress library.

Set properties

Not only creates the widgets in the pages but sets all the properties accordingly.

Why should I be interested ?

Simple design

This plugin is designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible. No exporting or importing files, you don’t have to prepare your Figma file before the conversion, just enter your credentials in the Vector2Web plugin form and press “Create pages” and voilà! Your pages are ready.

Avoid headaches

Have you ever felt inspired just by copying elements from one page to another. Just skip that chore and focus on more creative endeavors.

Get a headstart

Save thousands of clicks and 10s of hours by letting Vector2Web create the pages, widgets, download images, set properties, etc… This will greatly increase productivity. 

How it works

Simply download the plugin and subscribe to the API

  1. Download the WordPress plugin using the button above and install on your WordPress website.
  2. Access the Vector2Web subscription page on the RapidAPI website and subscribe to the API (for free while Vector2Web is still in beta).
  3. Access the Vector2Web options page on your WordPress website and enter the credentials in the form (Vector2Web API key, Figma File ID, Figma Access token). Submit the form to create the pages in the Figma file.

How should I construct my Figma design ?

  • If you have multiple vectors type elements in your Figma page and you want them to form a single image, put them in a group.

Planned features and fixes

  • Fix slow images download speed.
  • Fix layout issues.
  • Add button type.
  • Select which pages you wish to convert instead of doing them all.